"Animal Control: A program that effectively treats the symptoms while seeking to eliminate the causes by compassionately using the tools of education and enforcement." Michael Burgwin

Animal Control Officers are responsible for the enforcement of state laws, county ordinances and city codes that pertain to the care, control, treatment and licensing of domestic animals with a priority to protect public safety and animal welfare.

Professional Development of Animal Control Officers and Field Services through Training, Certification and Consultation

Welcome to Animal Control Training Services. ACTS has long recognized the inherent risk and danger associated with the animal control profession. Officer safety is a priority when dealing with aggressive and dangerous behavior from both animals and humans. ACTS training is specific to animal control officers focusing on officer safety and professional service at an affordable price.

Our mission is to develop today’s ACO’s to become tomorrow’s leaders in the animal control profession. We approach training with an emphasis on assisting ACO’s to excel in their workplace, make sound decisions, advance their skills, and to work in a professional environment that promotes life-long learning.

Our programs are unique in that we offer real life, practical, no-nonsense training to ACO’s. ACTS instructors participate in a variety of programs throughout the year, and we are fortunate to have these individuals share their knowledge and expertise with you. We have all recognized that the identity of the Animal Control Officer has been diminished over the past few years, overtaken by a belief that enforcement, public health and safety are secondary to everything else. ACTS is committed to promoting you – the Animal Control Officer – and to recapture the prominence in our communities.

For our current training calendar, please click on the "Training Calendar" link.

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