"Animal Control: A program that effectively treats the symptoms while seeking to eliminate the causes by compassionately using the tools of education and enforcement." Michael Burgwin

Animal Control Officers are responsible for the enforcement of state laws, county ordinances and city codes that pertain to the care, control, treatment and licensing of domestic animals with a priority to protect public safety and animal welfare.

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Happy New Year! Since 2013, Animal Control Training Services has provided professional training at an affordable price. It has been a great run, but now both Jeff and John have decided to part ways to seek other training opportunities. Beginning January 1, 2020, ACTS will no longer book new training programs. Rest assured, if you contacted ACTS before December 31, 2019 regarding 2020 training bookings, we would still honor your requests. For those of you that would like to begin booking programs now for 2020, please consider the alternatives listed below. Thanks for your support, and we both look forward to serving you again in the future!

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