"Animal Control: A program that effectively treats the symptoms while seeking to eliminate the causes by compassionately using the tools of education and enforcement." Michael Burgwin

Animal Control Officers are responsible for the enforcement of state laws, county ordinances and city codes that pertain to the care, control, treatment and licensing of domestic animals with a priority to protect public safety and animal welfare.

ACTS Training

Download our training catalog here: 2020 ACTS Training Catalog

ACTS has long recognized the inherent risk and danger associated with the animal control profession. Officer safety is a priority when dealing with aggressive and dangerous behavior from both animals and humans. Our program is unique in that we offer real life, practical on-site training. ACTS training is specific to animal control officers focusing on officer safety and professional service at an affordable price.

Our instructors offer years of experience in the animal control profession. ACTS offers:
  • Entry Level and Advanced Officer Training – Customized training in the following areas: On-site employee instruction, block and refresher training and protective equipment certification.
  • Operations/Training Manuals – We can provide you with agency-specific forms, policies and procedures.
ACTS brings the training to you, saving taxpayers hundreds of dollars in travel‐related expenses. All of our fees also include travel‐related expenses for our instructor(s). Your agency is also encouraged to solicit additional students from outside your agency, and to charge your own registration fee if you desire.

In addition, your agency can purchase blocks of training for your staff - you can select the topics later. This is a simple way in which to annually budget for in-service training. Training blocks may be acquired in 8 hour increments. For pricing information regarding any of the ACTS training programs, please visit our contact page.

Download a copy of our most current training catalog, via the link above, which details our course offerings.
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